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Industrial Lifting

Single-girder or double-girder cranes and overhead cranes, winches and industrial elevators, are indispensable for lifting and moving materials with a very high weight. Both half-processed products and final products can be moved in close and open environment, with different movements.

These structures require great attention, maintenance and specific tools for their control. Devices allows to work even with difficult and prolonged working conditions and with very high operating temperatures. The remote control, specifically designed to best comply with this application, is equipped with an induction battery with long operating life.

Among the most useful functions specifically designed we can list: the ability to lift a particularly heavy load with two overhead cranes combined via a single transmitter, the low power start to ensure additional safety and the 2.4 GHz working frequency that allows use in environments where there are multiple transmitters without risk of interference. Strength, durability and resilience are the characteristics that define this transmitter.

T Series Radio Remote Controls

The radio control with keyboard for gantry and overhead cranes that makes you forget many of the problems most common to this type of equipment. A concentrate of simplifying technology. It cuts consumption, thanks to a battery that can be replaced after 1,000 hours’ work and eliminates the complication of constantly recharging. Sturdiness and ergonomic concept ensure long efficiency under any condition. In case of failure or loss of the transmitter, replacement takes only a few seconds, thanks to the patented REMsys® Code system.

Small, handy, versatile.

Hard-wearing and long lasting. Internal battery. Models with 3, 5 or 7 buttons, the T series is designed for supremely practical use.

  • T3 is the ideal solution for equipment featuring limited functions.
  • T5 is versatile and compact in size.
  • T7 is the versatile and compactly sized remote control with programmable auxiliary button.

Brick Radio Remote Control

The light and handy but resistant, easily programmable transmitter, boasts a record for operating life without any recharging: up to 35 hours’ work. It is the first keyboard with patented induction recharging system, fully isolated from dust and humidity.

A configurable console for the most demanding applications, ideal to work continuously, without worrying about downtime. Up to 12 buttons, data feedback and selector or potentiometric controller.

Leader in sturdiness and long-life

Standard or customized keyboard. Configurable with the most advanced electronic systems. Brick is particularly resistant to external agents and suitable to prolonged use.

Pail Radio Remote Control

Pail is the solution to high reliability and efficiency manipulators in the field of radio controls for gantry and overhead cranes. First on the market with induction wireless charging, the console is easy to manoeuvre and precise, isolated from dust and humidity, very easily configurable, to meet the requirements of all applications. With 2, 3, 4 or 5 joysticks, selectors and potentiometers, display and data feedback.

Reliability in all conditions.

Induction wireless charging, materials and characteristics selected and developed to protect and last over time: everything for maximum reliability. Pail is the “partner” for all applications.


The UTC (Commands Transmission Unit) and URC (Commands Reception Unit) modules can be used for the radio transfer of the ON-OFF commands and are capable of up to 20 simultaneous and individual commands. The system allows a continuous and secure communication between the receiver and the transmitter.

Safety remote control

The System is composed of:

Transmitter UTC:
UHF External Antenna, Flat 870 or Whip Antenna depending on the operative frequency

Receiver URC:
UHF External Antenna, Flat 870 or Whip Antenna depending on the operative frequency

DCS10 Radio Remote Control

DCS10 module is an industrial remote control that is able to transfer up to 10 simultaneous on/off commands or electrical contact between industrial equipment via Radio.
It is the ideal remote control solution when cable control is not possible or not convenient between appliances itself.
DCS10 is the perfect product in all those systems and machinery that require the transfer of ON / OFF relay commands from one machine to another and vice versa for the bidirectional control of digital commands or safety contacts.
An example is the transfer of the limit switches of the movements in the Master / Slave configuration of 2 overhead cranes that move simultaneously.

One radio channel and Dual band frequency

The system is composed of:

2 identical transceiver modular units equipped with a UHF external antenna that communicates through radio digitally codified signal with single code to guarantee the safety of the commands and STOP.

The DCS10 remote control uses only one radio channel and it is available in UHF version (Dual band 433 and 870 MHz) and 418 MHz (China).

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