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Building Lifting

Tower cranes, self-erecting cranes and elevators are some of the different equipment which present the greatest risks for workers. These tools are essential for many activities on construction sites.

In order to ensure safety and operating comfort the radio control with its technical, electronic and design features allow each worker to operate with full control. In this way the majority of risks are reduced especially for lifting activities such as suspended loads or overturning structures.

Wider vision, wireless system, the possibility to set frequency according to construction site and the characteristics of the materials, make the transmitter an ideal and concrete product.

Brick Radio Remote Control

The light and handy but resistant, easily programmable transmitter, boasts a record for operating life without any recharging: up to 40 hours’ work. It is the first keyboard with patented induction recharging system, fully isolated from dust and humidity.

A configurable console for the most demanding applications, ideal to work continuously, without worrying about downtime. Up to 12 buttons, data feedback and selector or potentiometric controller.

Leader in sturdiness and long-life

Standard or customized keyboard. Configurable with the most advanced electronic systems. Brick is particularly resistant to external agents and suitable to prolonged use.

Pail Radio Remote Control

Pail is the solution to high reliability and efficiency manipulators in the field of radio controls for gantry and overhead cranes. First on the market with induction wireless charging, the console is easy to manoeuvre and precise, isolated from dust and humidity, very easily configurable, to meet the requirements of all applications. With 2, 3, 4 or 5 joysticks, selectors and potentiometers, display and data feedback.

Reliability in all conditions.

Induction wireless charging, materials and characteristics selected and developed to protect and last over time: everything for maximum reliability. Pail is the “partner” for all applications.

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