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Machines on wheels and tracks

Mulchers, excavators, crusher, in wheels or on tracks: on or off road, these machines are fundamental in most activities on construction sites for the ability to work in any condition.

Thanks to their grater traction even on important slopes on less compact terrain, they are able to reach even the most difficult terrains. To better control this, in the harsh conditions that construction sites require, robust and well-designed radio controls are needed.

Compactness, ergonomics, IP65 protection degree and wide configurability: these are some of the main characteristics of the transmitter that allow you to have full control in every day condition.

Pail Radio Remote Control

Pail is the solution to high reliability and efficiency manipulators in the field of radio controls for gantry and overhead cranes. First on the market with induction wireless charging, the console is easy to manoeuvre and precise, isolated from dust and humidity, very easily configurable, to meet the requirements of all applications. With 2, 3, 4 or 5 joysticks, selectors and potentiometers, display and data feedback.

Reliability in all conditions.

Induction wireless charging, materials and characteristics selected and developed to protect and last over time: everything for maximum reliability. Pail is the “partner” for all applications.

Genesis Radio Remote Control

Fully isolated from dust and humidity, it has been designed to widen configuring possibilities to their maximum, according to the most demanding applications. Simple and effective in any working environment, without being cumbersome, it can house various types of actuators and joysticks, selectors and potentiometers, buttons, data feedback and 2.6” and 3.2” displays. A universal platform that finds application from logistics to lifting, from marine and rail transport and excavation to every type of crawlers, in aerial platforms and forestry and mining applications.

24/7 non stop, for a very long operational duration

Genesis fears no challenge: its recognized resistance to work exploits the tested but innovative (patented) wireless induction recharging system.

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