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T Series

Radio remote control for crane and overhead crane: reduced dimensions, great capabilities

The radio control with keyboard for gantry and overhead cranes that makes you forget many of the problems most common to this type of equipment. A concentrate of simplifying technology. It cuts consumption, thanks to a battery that can be replaced after 1,000 hours’ work and eliminates the complication of constantly recharging. Sturdiness and ergonomic concept ensure long efficiency under any condition. In case of failure or loss of the transmitter, replacement takes only a few seconds, thanks to the patented REMsys code® system.

Small, handy, versatile.

Hard-wearing and long lasting. Internal battery. Models with 3, 5 or 7 buttons, the T series radio remote controls for cranes and overhead cranes is designed for supremely practical use.

  • T3 is the ideal solution for equipment featuring limited functions.
  • T5 is versatile and compact in size.
  • T7 is the versatile and compactly sized remote control with programmable auxiliary button.

The 2.4 GHz frequency is also available

Sturdy and ergonomic. IP 65 protection grade.

Up to 1000 working hours without any recharging. REMsys code®.

Technical specifications

3.6 V – lythium
up to 1000 working hours – 30 hours of power reserve
Dual band frequency
433 MHz / 60 channels and 870 MHz / 12 channels
418 MHz / 11 channels China
915 MHz / 51 channels USA-Canada
Power supply
12-24 Vdc +/- 25% – 24-110 Vac +/- 10 % – Opt. 220 Vac
Safety level emergency stop
PL d cat.3 SIL 2
Safety level buttons
PL c cat.2 SIL 1
Dimensions and weight
174x83x42 mm – 350 gr
Available receivers
DIN – EcoBox – RubyBox
36 months

Fields of applications


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