Bidirectional remote control and up to 10 simultaneous commands

DCS10 module is an industrial remote control that is able to transfer up to 10 simultaneous on/off commands or electrical contact between industrial equipment via Radio.

It is the ideal remote control solution when cable control is not possible or not convenient between appliances itself.

DCS10 is the perfect product in all those systems and machinery that require the transfer of ON / OFF relay commands from one machine to another and vice versa for the bidirectional control of digital commands or safety contacts.

An example is the transfer of the limit switches of the movements in the Master / Slave configuration of 2 overhead cranes that move simultaneously.


One radio channel and Dual band frequency

The system is composed of:

2 identical transceiver modular units equipped with a UHF external antenna that communicates through radio digitally codified signal with single code to guarantee the safety of the commands and STOP.

The DCS10 remote control uses only one radio channel and it is available in UHF version (Dual band 433 and 870 MHz) and 418 MHz (China).

  • LED indicators give an instant reading of the functioning of the radio remote control

  • System suitable to place inside the switch cabinet on DIN rail

Technical specification

Radio transmissionFM modulation - Manchester coding
FrequencyDual Band 28 Radio channels 433/870 MHz

China 12 Radio channels 418 MHz
Power supply12-24 Vdc or 24-115 Vac
Emergency StopPL d, Cat. 3
CommandsUp to 10 commands on/off + START + STOP
Dimensions and Weight158x90x75 mm LxHxP
425 gr

Fields of application

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