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A step forward, in all fields

Fully isolated from dust and humidity, it has been designed to widen configuring possibilities to their maximum, according to the most demanding applications. Simple and effective in any working environment, without being cumbersome, it can house various types of actuators and joysticks, selectors and potentiometers, buttons, data feedback and 2.6” and 3.2” displays. A universal platform that finds application from logistics to lifting, from marine and rail transport and excavation to every type of crawlers, in aerial platforms and forestry and mining applications.

Endless configurations


Manageability and flexibility


Precision and gradability


Widely configurable

24/7 non stop, for a very long operational duration

Genesis fears no challenge: its recognized resistance to work exploits the tested but innovative (patented) wireless induction recharging system.

Resistant and practical case, pleasant design

Induction wireless charging. Up to 35 working hours

Support bar and control guide

Configurable for all applications

Technical specifications

Battery type
internal rechargeable induction battery
up to 35 operating hours – 3 hours of power reserve
Dual band frequency
433 MHz / 60 channels and 870 MHz / 12 channels
418 MHz / 11 channels China
915 MHz / 51 canali USA-Canada
Power supply
12-24 Vdc +/- 25% – 24-110 Vac +/- 10%
Safety level emergency stop
PL e cat.4 SIL 3
Safety level joystick
PL d cat. 3 SIL 2
on/off – CANbus – PWM – voltage/current – RS 422/485
Dimensions and weight
310x193x163 mm – 1580 gr
Graphic display
1.6” and 3.2”
Available receivers
DIN – EcoBox – RubyBox – EcoCan – Mobile

Fields of application


Write us for information or to give shape to your idea.