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REMdevice at Bauma 2022: Plenty of curiosity around the company and its new offerings

The BAUMA trade show, which was held from the 24th to the 30th of October at Trade Fair Center Messe München (Germany), is a must-attend fixture on the calendar of anyone in the business of heavy machinery, construction material and mining industry machinery, construction vehicles and construction equipment.

With its 200,000 sq metres of exhibition aisles and 414,000 sq metres of outside space, this edition welcomed over 3000 exhibitors coming from 58 countries and saw 495,000 visitors come through its gates.

With quality meetings and deals, together with the business relationships established during the show, there was a lot to be happy about, and the palpable feeling of satisfaction was in no small part due to the highly flexible hours and generous spaces made available for different professionals to come together.

There was a host of new offerings showcased by various manufacturers of machinery, components and accessories, including REMdevice (taking part for the first time this year), which presented its “bestsellers” together with the latest new tech and products.

But let’s start from the beginning.

What are the distinctive traits of the range on offer from the Vicenza-based company for the various industries within the industrial radio controls field.





We had all 4 product families on show on the stand, together covering virtually any application in the realm of construction and industry:

  • T series handheld remote control
  • Brick handheld remote control
  • Pail joystick station
  • Genesis joystick station

For these four families, should the application require more specificity, and hence move beyond digital signal based control, there is the REMdevice MOVE platform, which allows you to add analogue signals of various kinds (4-20mA, 0-10V, PWM, Danfoss, Resistive), as well as signals over a serial bus.



From day one, we have always focused on the longevity and reliability of our products for hostile environments like construction sites.

To this end, we have created products whose electronics are completely sealed off from the outside, and hence less prone to damage from atmospheric elements like dust, dirt and moisture.

Charging relies on an induction system, patented for industrial applications, allowing us to offer a 3-year warranty on our products, including the rechargeable batteries.

The autonomy of these systems is 30/35 hours with a full charge of 5 hours.

A partial recharge of 30 minutes allows 4/5 of work.However, should a non-stop system be needed, there is always our TWIN solution, whereby one transmitter is always charged and ready to replace its “twin”.


Another piece of REMdevice tech comes in the shape of the T series handheld remote control, which needs no charging.

Its built-in electronics are designed to reduce power consumption to a minimum and hence, with its high-capacity (non-rechargeable) lithium-ion battery, it can work for 800/1000 hours before the battery is spent.

A lot of applications call for the operator to work for about 2/3 hours a day, and this means the T series can keep going for more than 3 years.


REMdevice is one of the few players to have extended the possible applications of radiofrequency controls, introducing them into control panels and allowing communication between different panels: e.g. system with separate machines not connected with cables.

With our UTC/URC (20 digital channels with simplex communication) and DCS10 (10 digital channels half-duplex), you can safely (PLd for emergency stop) establish a radio link between different points of a building without having to lay cables.

A typical application might be the connection of a machine’s sensors and limit switches with the control panel, which is not always by the distribution board.


Here at REMdevice, we place great importance on engaging directly with the market we operate in, sharing our experience in the remote control industry and offering assistance in finding solutions to applications for which standard products are not always the answer.


Below is an in-depth look at the various new products that we debuted in Munich and that proved of great interest to the various visitors who came to see us on the REMdevice stand.


Control station applications are evolving towards greater levels of complexity, calling for a rich, ergonomically designed human-machine interface.

At BAUMA 2022, we introduced a new concept in colour displays on an Android platform, which exploits the graphical capabilities of today’s smartphones and tablets.

The safety radio control communicates with the Android device by means of a new Bluetooth module that has been designed, produced and tested in-house.

The operator can read the system info via a simple application, which also has options for customizing its appearance.

There was a good amount of interest amongst visitors and other ideas have already come along that we are intent on analysing to produce the next generation of radio controls.


The “tracked” demo is a feat of technology in a fun format to show the level to which REMdevice radio controls can be customized and our ability to act as a consultant to our customers.

The demo consists in a Genesis transmitter and a receiver mounted on a toy tracked vehicle controlled by the transmitter in question.

This toy vehicle can be operated manually with two single-axis joysticks, or by using the dual-axis joystick and relying on the algorithms developed by REMdevice that calculate how best to combine the steering components for the smoothest possible operation.
Even smarter, it can compensate when driving on an angle across a slope, where the right and left tracks have to turn at different speeds in proportion to the slope of the ground.

This demo is also fitted with a webcam, to garner interest in industrial applications that are increasingly venturing into the hobby (drones) and consumer (gaming) realms.


REMdevice is the only company in the market to have a diagnostic tool for its radio controls.

While other competitors in the industry need to take measurements in the field, which they often have difficulty collecting (e.g. the number of times a relay switches), we have invented the Monitor Tester: a simple and useful accessory for checking the status of the receiver and its contacts, as well as the log of its operations (number of STARTS, STOPS, loss of motion, loss of power).

More recently, we also developed the WiFi Monitor Tester (MTW), taking the already familiar Monitor Tester to the next level.
This is a module that resides in the receiver, hence there is no need to access it to physically link up.

MTW has a web server and hence can be reached via a browser from any WiFi device, such as a smartphone or PC.

We have come away from Bauma with a valuable experience under our belt.
We had copious exchanges and interactions with various operators and visitors who came to the stand to get to know our company and our products.

If your interest has also been piqued by the products making their debut appearance at the show and would like further information on them, or would like a quote for one of our products, you can fill out our contact form
One of our operators will get back to you with all the information you need.

REMdevice team