Continuous innovation

We have packed our remote controls with the best technology available. Through the efforts of our R&D division, we have made every REMdevice a concentrate of high technology and ground- breaking innovation.

WIRELESS charging

REMdevice has pushed the industrial remote control world's boundaries with the introduction of a new way of charging remote controls that is safer, more effective and more efficient.

The universal charger for wireless pushbutton controls stations and joysticks has no metal parts for the operator to touch, ensuring superior safety.

Connected to the mains, it recharges the transmitter units' internal batteries in very little time (5 hours).
A temporary charge of 30 minutes gives the remote control enough power to keep working for a whole work day.

The Wireless patented battery charger uses pulses to charge batteries, providing just the amount of energy required to charge them fully and then switching to trickle charging.
The transmitter unit can be left on the charger for any length of time without any danger of damaging the internal batteries: a microchip determines the amount of energy to be delivered in order to keep the batteries charged and in perfect working order.

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Complies with Part 15 (Low Power Communication Device Transmitter) of US Federal Communications Commission rules. FCC identifier RTF-TX2G4T7.
Complies with IC (Industry Canada) RSS-210 standards. IC number 11555A‐TX2G4T7.

This product is covered by 2 patents

2G4 technology

The ideal solution for channel shortage in the 434/870 MHz bands!

Ideal in settings where a number of remote controls are in operation at the same time. Even when there is interference, it ensures the operator can continue to work entirely safely and control the equipment or travelling crane in the immediate vicinity.

With the 2.4GHz working frequency, up to 34 remote controls can be operated within a tight range, without any risk of interference. Just outside this range, you can repeat the sequence with another 34 channels, thus a further 34 remotes are operable at the same time.


2G4 technology can be used in conjunction with T-Series remote controls

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REMsys code®

Should the transmitter stop working, our patented "REMsys ® code" system allows you to immediately swap it out with a new one, which can be paired with the same receiver through a simple sequence of commands.

Also available on all transmitters in the MOBILE and T SERIES version.

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