REMdevice and KTI: A very interesting project!

REMdevice and KTI: A very interesting project!

In REMdevice we strongly believe in distribution partnerships because it’s the best way to respond and serve specific customer needs in each country. We based our business relationship on strong values like: transparence, business and human ethics, respect and continuous improvement.

In Slovenia we are represented by KTI elektronika d.o.o. and we are building day by day a very strong partnership for developing together the market. We based our relation on having common goals, sharing information and communicating strongly together.
In this country, final customers can find an excellent pre/after sales service thanks to an in-deep knowledge of REMdevice radio remote controls and very strong technical competencies of the KTI team workers.

Our Slovenian Dealer KTI offers a wide range of services. KTI is active in the fields of general automation, electrical installations, fabrication of switchboards up to the installation of industrial radio controls with our REMdevice products.

For this specific application it has been used our Brick transmitter because it’s light and handy but resistant, easily programmable. Brick is the first keyboard with patented induction recharging system, fully isolated from dust and humidity that can work up to 40 working hours with only one charge.
A configurable console for the most demanding applications, ideal to work continuously, without worrying about downtime.
We present you one of the latest interesting project where REMdevice products meets the competence and expertise of KTI elektronika d.o.o.

This project is a very interesting assembly of a goods transport container.

This container is designed to transport bulk cargo with built-in advanced connected technology (hydraulics, electrical equipment, container tracking device) for rail and road transport, which allows users greater flexibility and increases time efficiency.

The container is CSC and UIC tested, its dimensions are 6058 x 2550 x 2400 (2920) mm. The weight of the container is 6200 kg and the volume is 22-29 m³. The angle of inclination of the caisson is up to 45 degrees. It consists of a base, a caisson with upper and lower swing doors and front frames. The hydraulic system is connected to electronic controllers, the handling of the product body is controlled.
The system enables hydraulic opening and closing of walls, lifting of the container, positioning of the dump and protection during transport.

The control system consist of a BRICK 09 pushbutton transmitter with a DIN-CL receiver with relè contacts. The system allows several containers to be controlled simultaneously, thus ensuring greater user safety and at the same time optimising work processes over time.

The container is designed to meet all the needs of the market, as its design offers an innovative and high-tech solution.

This one just presented is on of the potential application where BRICK can find an ideal use.
Are you interest about it?
Do you want to know more about BRICK and REMdevice products? Click here or complete the form. Photo credit: KTI elektonika d.o.o.

Photo Credits: KTI elektronika d.o.o.