The handheld keypad remote control suitable for TOWER and BRIDGE CRANES.

REMdevice radiocomandi radio remote control
The BRICK transmitter is reliable, lightweight, extremely robust and easy to handle. The BRICK has an unrivaled working autonomy and will work for an entire working week without needing to be recharged.

With display data feedback readout too.
REMdevice radiocomandi radio remote control

Recharging takes place by contactless energy transferral.
The transmitter is simple placed onto the recharging unit, thus eliminating the need for electrical or metal terminals or connecting cables.
REMdevice radiocomandi radio remote control
REMdevice radiocomandi radio remote control
The keypad is made from a special elastic and resistance rubber adapted for use in the severest operating conditions, for example in low temperatures and contact with lime, cement, oil and solvents.

The key switch and emergency push button are protected by a special safety overhang to shield them from accidental knocks and falls. The BRICK casing is made from watertight IP65 so if it is accidentally dropped into water it will float; water will not enter the casing and damage the internal electronics.

The highly visible LED acts as signal transmittion confirmation as well as indicating the state of battery charge.

The ergonomic design of the tranmitter with its anti-slip grip bars make it easy to handle even with work gloves. The size of the buttons is an important feature allowing easy access without compromising the transmitter’s compactness.

REMdevice radiocomandi radio remote control
  • Frequency: 869.700 - 870.000 MHz, 11 channels, 25 KHz
  • Frequency: 433.050 - 434.790 MHz, 59 channels, 25 KHz
  • Hamming Code > 4
  • Max no. of simultaneous on/off commands: 10 / 12
  • Command response time: 45 ms
  • Stop/Active emergency response time: 45 ms
  • Passive emergency response time: 1 s
  • Performance Level of safety function according to EN ISO 13849-1:2006
    • Stop protection: Category 3 PL d
    • Protection against unintended movements from the standstill position: Category 2 PL c
  • Range of control: approx. 100 m (~330 ft)
  • Working and storage temperature: -20°C to +70°C (-4°F to +158°F)


  • Modulation: FM Manchester
  • Radio Frequency output power: from -10dBm to +7dBm
  • Oscillator: Digital synthesizing PLL
  • Antenna: ¼ λ integrated
  • Power supply: 3.6 Vdc
  • Electricity consumption: 45 mA
  • Accumulators: Integrated 3×1.2V Ni-MH
  • Working autonomy: ~ 35 hours (20°C)
  • Low battery warning: 60 minutes
  • Watertight Casing Protection: IP 65, material: PA6 GF
  • Grip size: 81 × 95 × 44 mm (L×W×H) 3.19 × 3.74 × 1.73 in
  • Dimensions: 97 × 210 × 44 mm (L×W×H) 3.82 × 8.27 × 1.73 in
  • Weight: 470 g (1.04 lb)


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REMdevice radiocomandi radio remote control
REMdevice radiocomandi radio remote control
REMdevice radiocomandi radio remote control