Contactless universal battery recharger.

The universal charging device for Brick and Pail remote controls has no metal contacts meaning guaranteed safety.

Once switched on the unit rapidly recharges the accumulators inside the remote control.

It takes only 5 hours for a full recharge. Meanwhile, a 20 minute recharge will to ensure an entire working day's operation.

The system is unique and PATENTED.

patent remote control contact-less battery charger

CONTACT-LESS  Contactless universal battery recharger

Recharging takes place using contactless energy transfer!

Contactless universal battery recharger Brick Pail Genesis

No electrical, metallic or cable contacts are necessary.

The BRICK, PAIL or GENESIS remote control can be charged using the same recharge unit.

REMdevice radiocomandi radio remote control

How recharging works:

The battery charger works using contactless energy transfer. Energy impulses charge the internal accumulators without the need for any interconnecting wires or cables. The energy flow stops automatically when the recharge is complete.

In this way, the remote control can be left on the charging unit for an indefinite period without causing damage to the internal accumulators. A microchip regulates the quantity of energy necessary and halts the charging process when the remote control is fully recharged. Therefore prolonging the life and efficiency of the accumulators.


Contactless universal battery recharger Brick Pail Genesis operating

This important feature means not just very low energy consumption but it also signals the end of costly replacement of battery packs, thus drastically reducing running costs.

Why do our batteries have such a long working life?

This is because of the very low energy consumption and high storage capacity [mA/H] of the latest generation accumulators used in all our remote controls.

In short the accumulators are exposed to fewer recharging cycles thus prolonging battery life.

Compatibility with BRICK, PAIL and GENESIS remote controls:

the Contact-less battery charger is suitable for all transmitter units Brick model, PAIL model and GENESIS model produced by REMdevice.

REMdevice radiocomandi radio remote control
  • Oscillator: current automatically controlled
  • Power supply: 230 Vac or 12/24 Vdc
  • Electricity consumption: 0,1 A
  • Watertight Casing Protection: IP 55, material: PA6 GF V0
  • Dimensions: 135 × 190 × 85 mm (LxWxH) 5.31 × 7.48 × 3.35 in
  • Weight: 790 g (including power cable and plug) 1.74 lb


The universal Contact-less battery charger can be used with:

  • BRICK keypad remote control (all models)
  • PAIL joystick remote control (all models)
  • GENESIS joystick remote control (all models designed to Contact-less recharging method)


REMdevice radiocomandi radio remote control
REMdevice radiocomandi radio remote control
REMdevice radiocomandi radio remote control