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REMdevice research is tireless. The range of devices today offered is the result of the Company’s unique history and a long series of studies and applications on the field, in the most varied sectors, from shipbuilding to forestry, to largescale works and airport logistics..

Transmitting units fitted with the most advanced electronics, latest-generation receivers for internal and external installation, designed for Mobile machinery, and specially selected actuators, to ensure the most practical operation and the best performance of each application.
Authentic systems that mark the state of the art in the field of industrial radio control.

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MOVE Platform

Our R&D team have created MOVE, the universal platform that lets you fully customize the remote control, for a unique unit tailored to your requirements.

Making use of serial slots, MOVE is designed to manage all commands via a single device. On/Off outputs, proportional outputs for PWM, voltage/current signals, as well as CANopen and multi- protocol RS422/RS485.
All options are at your fingertips in a single platform that's as innovative as it is functional and backed by proven performance.

The MOVE platform finds application in Pail Joystick remote controls and, above all, in Genesis, our ultimate custom-built remote control.

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The remote control solution for the automotive industry

Mobile Platform

Mobile is the innovative universal receiver for operating machinery running off 12-24 Vdc. It integrates with all automotive systems. Optimized for controlling lifting, marine, forest, railway and drilling equipment, Mobile is a unique, reliable and compact receiver that caters to the requirements of all on-board control systems.

Serial outputs, On/Off outputs, proportional outputs for PWM, voltage/current signals, as well as CANopen and multi-protocol RS422/RS485, whatever you need, when you need it.

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No operational boundary.

Endless applications

The fields of application of the REMdevice solutions are almost endless. The icons identify many of them: you can easily and quickly recognize your sector and the transmitter suitable to your machine.

Industrial lifting / Construction industry

Marine / Port sector

Agriculture / Forestry

Mechanics / Automation

Crawlers /Wheeled vehicles

Recycling / Composting