REMdevice srl
We are an Italian company that designs, makes, sells and services wireless INDUSTRIAL RADIO REMOTE CONTROLS for lifting-machinery, such as bridge and tower cranes, as an alternative to cable control systems.

REMdevice srl

REMdevice is a young and dynamic company that was established in response to a gap in the market for radio remote controls for lifting machinery.
By analysing the needs of clients, installation engineers, maintenance staff and construction companies, and by using the latest technological know-how, our Design Engineers have created a really unique and unrivalled product.


Safety, reliability and ease of use are our watchwords.

REMdevice radio remote controls comply to EU mandatory safety regulations laid down by European Directive 199/5/CER & TTE for radio transmissions and telecommunications equipment and the free circulation of products. They are also tested to meet the technical specifications of the machines on which they are installed, for example to adhere to technical regulations under EN60204-32 relating to the safety of the working parts of lifting machinery. All REMdevice remote controls are equipped with a continuous transmission system and a unique identifying code as well as a sophisticated digital checking system for transmitted data. This fail-safe technology for the control of the machinery guarantees the safety of the operator. Our radio remote controls can be used licence-free in any EU country totally without restriction because they operate on the 870 MHz frequency band harmonised in Europe. Another important feature to highlight is the radio remote controls' emergency stop button which will stop the machinery in a tenth of a second if necessary. It is also one of the most reliable available and complies with European Directive EN914. Our radio remote controls also have an exclusive safety system that uses two microprocessors working together to check the receiver unit readings. This acts as safety control by deactivating the STOP contacts in the event of possible interference or external environmental disturbance.

All our component parts are chosen taking into consideration the harsh conditions in which they are operated. From the type of plastic used for the transmitter casing to the special rubber for the keys, all parts are extremely resistant even in the severest working environments. The internal electronics are robust and remain intact even after accidental knocks and falls. All batteries are internally housed and are completely contactless, so any problems of false or broken connections have been eliminated, meaning constant maintenance and costly spare parts are not necessary. We pride ourselves in the absolute efficiency of our products.

Ease of Use
REMdevice radio remote controls are unrivalled. Our unique and patented battery recharging system is completely contactless. It works using energy transferal and so electrical contacts or replacement battery packs are not required.
This efficiency means it is only necessary to charge the transmitter unit once a week and if necessary a 20 minute recharge will cover one entire working day. The batteries are housed inside the transmitter and their long life results from the integrated electronics that charge them using a method that maximizes their duration and effectiveness.
From the the exclusive design of the handheld keypad and the sling model with joysticks, the shape and size of the transmitters makes them comfortable to hold and easy to use.


REMdevice is currently expanding and we are now located in the following areas:

Nove (VI) - Northeast Italy
  • Registered Office
  • Sales
  • Production
  • Administration
REMdevice Srl
Via Alfredo Munari, 72
36055 Nove (VI)

Telephone +39 0424 500 262

Fax +39 0424 508 631
VAT N° IT01907770034

Bogogno (NO) - Northwest Italy
  • Reserach & Development
REMdevice Srl
Via Roma, 27
28010 Bogogno (NO)


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remote control brick pail test report ETSI Nemko
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remote control pail test report china



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REMdevice radiocomandi radio remote control   Important Disclaimer

1. Operative Frequencies
Unless stated or specified otherwise, Radio Remote Controls are manufactured to operate in accordance with free and harmonized frequencies in Europe. The customer must always specify whether the radio controls have to be produced at different frequencies for a subsequent export to a country where operates different frequencies.
Remdevice Srl declines any responsibility if the Radio Remote Controls are re-exported to countries where different frequencies are used or band restrictions are applied.
Remdevice invites you to check the characteristics of the products ordered to match the specific requirements and regulations in force in the countries of destination; in particular, but not only this, the use of radio frequencies.

2. Copyright
All material on this website including text, photographs, images, graphics, software and logos are protected by copyright, patent and intellectual property laws governed by international copyright treaties. The content of this site is intended for information only and is not legally binding. Technology is ever evolving and improving and REMdevice reserves the right to modify all or in part the technical data or conditions contained therein without notice.

3. Use of Company logo
The use of the REMdevice name or logo is strictly forbidden without the prior express written permission from REMdevice.


REMdevice radiocomandi radio remote control
REMdevice radiocomandi radio remote control
REMdevice radiocomandi radio remote control