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REMdevice radiocomandi radio remote control   Important Disclaimer

1. Operative Frequencies
Unless stated or specified otherwise, Radio Remote Controls are manufactured to operate in accordance with free and harmonized frequencies in Europe. The customer must always specify whether the radio controls have to be produced at different frequencies for a subsequent export to a country where operates different frequencies.
Remdevice Srl declines any responsibility if the Radio Remote Controls are re-exported to countries where different frequencies are used or band restrictions are applied.
Remdevice invites you to check the characteristics of the products ordered to match the specific requirements and regulations in force in the countries of destination; in particular, but not only this, the use of radio frequencies.

2. Copyright
All material on this website including text, photographs, images, graphics, software and logos are protected by copyright, patent and intellectual property laws governed by international copyright treaties. The content of this site is intended for information only and is not legally binding. Technology is ever evolving and improving and REMdevice reserves the right to modify all or in part the technical data or conditions contained therein without notice.

3. Use of Company logo
The use of the REMdevice name or logo is strictly forbidden without the prior express written permission from REMdevice.